Ice Hockey: Stand Off Continues , Decision Thursday

The stand off in the national ice Hockey team continues.

Following the ultimatum given last Wednesday – to appeal and be reinstated by the national body to the nine players, only two submitted appeals by the deadline on Sunday.

The other 7 decided , in all probability, to stand firm on their decision, to seek changes in the team management for the SEA Games.

A meeting was held between the three parties – the national ice Hockey body, the National Sports Council and the Olympic Council of Malaysia on Monday.

And the decision – to hold a meeting with the seven players and find out why they are not keen.

So will there be a meltdown on ice?

Meeting the players is good, to hear out their dude of the story, and this should have been done when it was planned in Bangsar Shopping Centre more then 10 days ago.

The presence of media peeved certain personalities, and it was abruptly called off.

Over the next 10 days we have published both sides of the story.

The management justifies its exclusion of the players due to poor attendance and discipline while the players claim poor management and rude officials.

So the stand off continues.

There are things that both parties needs to think about ahead of the meeting on Thursday.

Firstly neither party can win if there is no compromise, so one has to back down on their demands and offer the olive branch.

If the management is the issue, then in all probability the best option is to get another person to be appointed as an assistant or rather team administrator, so as to as the Malays put it “ jaga Muka”.

And if that cannot be done, then how to move forward another step.

On the players part they have no remember this – their allegiance belongs to the country, not to one individual.

The players have genuine fear – that they will once again have to face degrading remarks, and at their age the resentment is quite understandable,

Wearing kids gloves at times to defuse a potentially explosive situation is the best solution.

So to both parties – do the right thing.

The players can back down and give in only to explode later, while the officials could be resentful at what transpired and drop key individuals at final selection to get back at them.

A no win situation – maybe I’ve Hockey should just stay home and watch the ice melt instead of taking flight to Manila.

After all only the best should Ho right OCM.