Ice Hockey: The other side of the coin

The issue on the Ice Hockey are hotting up.

After I had revealed the simmering issues within the two factions in the body, I was contacted by an individual , namely Hazurin Harun on Facebook who introduced himself as the Treasurer of the Association.

I offered to carry his side of the story , which he kindly did, and below reproduce what was sent to me for the readers to judge.

“ holsing on to your word for a fair hearing I will explain our end of the matter. The complainant is a disgruntled parent with a chip on her shoulder. She was given chance after chance to substantiate her claims which to date she has failed. She even tried to coerce the previous sports comm to deregister MIHF but was not successful because MIHF has always operated within the legal boundaries and in compliance with all rules and regulations. She is now unhappy because her son was dropped from the sea games squad due to indiscipline and I, as the Team Manager, will not tolerate indiscipline in my team. There will be no primadonas in my team regardless of how good she thinks her son is. As a follower of sports I am sure you can understand this.”

So there we have it, the two sides of the coin.

And to put matters to rest, this was his parting message.

“ I wont be commenting anymore on this as I believe it may prejudice the legal action we will be taking against her. Its a waste of my time anyway.”

We always believe in portraying the story as it is and if sports is the key factor then the two warring parties ought to find a middle road to resolve their impasse.

That’s all we can advise, the rest is up to them.