Improvements that can help the sport, but will be ignored.

The Competition Committee under the astute leadership of George Koshy meets on Saturday, July 7.

This is the first meeting of the CC since the members of the previous committee were issued “ Thank you” letters in February.

It was only recently that the “ new” members of the CC received their appointment letters.

The CC is the most important committee in a national body and there is no need to emphasise their importance as all those associated with the sport are well aware that the CC is the nerve centre of the sport.

Now all those associated with the sports will be looking towards decisions made at the first meeting, which actually is suppose to chart the policies, regulations, formats, organisation and direction of competitions in the country.

Here are some points that the Chairman and Members ought to discuss seriously towards ensuring there are no further hiccups or issues with regards to the organisation of competitions,

1. To come up with a complete calendar of events for the remaining of 2018 and the full 2019 season.

2. To determine the hosts for the 2018 remaining competitions and send out offer letters for the 2019 season.

3. To decide on the increase of organisational fee as the current practice is obviously outdated. A benchmark based on the amount spent by the parent body when they are forced to host events should be used.

4. To tighten qualifications of players in representing states in national competitions. The current method of using the prefix of the IC number is outdated and no longer practical.

5. The issue of limiting “ guest players” for national competitions must be tightened as the letter of release must be dated 1 week before the Said tournament on a prescribed form , signed only by the Hon . Secretary.

6. To conduct inspections on all playing facilities that are to be used for hosting national tournaments, this must be based on a checklist that must be circulated before the states bid for the tournament and indirection must be done by members of the CC, not staff.

7. Subsidies for trans must be clearly spelt out and paid out to the trans through the state bodies at least 3 days before the tournament.

8. A list of qualified, competent and dedicated Technical Officials must be drawn up and appointments done by December for the preceding year. There ought to be grading for these officials to determine the level of competition they can be appointed to.

9. A serious look on the number of foreign players for the MHL as well as their status. At minimum the players must be current international of countries ranked in the top 15 of World Rankings, or must be former international that have not retired more then two years prior to playing in MHL, and/or budding youngsters from the Junior National Teams.

10. No official of the CC can be appointed as a Tournament Director, Asst Tournament Director or team official of any of their state/club teams during their term on the CC. If any is desirous of continuing in such capacity, they should declare their interest at the CC meeting tomorrow and vacate their position so as to avoid conflict of interest.

There is so much that the CC can do, like having a national register of players, officials, endure officials who serve in long duration tournaments like the MHL, MJHL, MWHL, MWJHL get paid on a monthly basis instead of waiting three months after the completion of these tournaments.

These are merely suggestions made for the betterment of the sport, not perfect but a good start to improve things.

But trust me, most will not be considered, simply because I was the one who suggested it, no matter how good they may help the sports progress.