In OCM rules do not matter

It is obvious that in the Olympic Council of Malaysia rules are meant to be broken.

There is no such thing as following regulations that they themselves imposed.

This was made crystal clear when the number of Athletes going for the 2019 Manila SEA Games was revealed.

I has time and again reminded the Selection Panel to adhere to the Selection Criteria that was approved by the OCM Executive Board and the OCM Council , two of the highest decision making bodies as in the OCM Constitution.

There are a total of 402 funded category A Athletes, 393 self funding category B Athletes and 389 Athletes.

This clearly shows that the difference in the number of Athletes between A and B is a mere 9 currently.

And for the officials, it is indeed strange that no breakdown was given between A and B,

Now let’s take two steps back and read and understand the regulations that were approved earlier this year.

The number of Athletes in the Category B should not be more than 20% of the total fully funded Athletes ( category A).

So it is something to ponder upon as criteria was thrown out of the window to please everyone, never mind the fact that it is tax payers money that will be spent by those who might embarrass the country rather then bringing back medals.

Next is the regulation with regards to the payment method for the Category B as it’s clearly stated that the first payment must be made by when the “ call up “ letter is issued and the balance 60 days before the Games.

Now 60 days is October 1 whereas OCM set September 20 for the first 50 % payment.

Now don’t we wish those making decisions in OCM are actually running banks or credit companies or even used car dealerships.

If the highest sports body is least concerned about rules and regulations that was self set, than what hope do we have for our sports?

If those in positions can break or bend the rules to their whims and fancies, why on earth bother to employ a COO with the intention of making OCM more professional.

We should instead get a new set of people who will uphold rules and regulations and quit if there is no adherence to the sacred constitution governing the existence of such a sports institution that deserves respect and prides itself on honesty and set examples for other national sports associations to emulate.