Infections at NSC, who is to blame?

The inevitable was bound to happen.

Infections detected at the National Sports Council as reported over the past few days shows only one thing – the lack of competency in an organisation that has no knowledge in health matters.

Right from the beginning it should have been the National Sports Institute to be in charge in calling the shots towards containing the Covid 19 pandemic and keeping our prized athletes safe.

But no, isn’t the NSC considered the know all and be all of our sports?

Is NSC not the know all Abd be all for our sports – Jack of all trades and master of ninth.

It took them months to come up with standard operating procedures while the Sports Minister and his team had conceptualised the “ Quarantined” based concept where he was first implemented in June 1st.

The only problem here was numbers.

With a ingenuity of an idea, NSC converted some 500 athletes into podium athletes, meaning overnight they got the same privileges as the elite athletes whose numbers were kept around 100 to 150.

Mediocre athletes of regional level are now considered elite!

That shows clearly the ability of NSV to dissect the top from others.

And sadly the Minister trusted a bunch of individuals who do do even can differentiate a podium from last placing in an event.

Anyway the NSC DG had finally, after 8 months, a firm grip on the Minister and the cartel in firmly back in running out soon towards sports.

Now had we stick to the original convent of podium, the possibility of infections could have minimised.

What’s the hurry?

SEA Games?

We you have to wait for the OCM to determine the Selection Criteria so why fret when it has been made loud and clear SEA Games is no longer our priority.

As for Asian and Commonwealth Games, wait for the DG to get his wahyu lah for now he is busy getting his cronies to shut me up, supposedly with blessings from the Minister.

Remember this country has laws other then what are decided through hogwash at Menara KBS where a so called smart kid pulls the strings.

Since UMNO resorted going to the grassroots to determine their working relationship , why not let the National Sports Associations decide if this DG stays or goes?

Now that is thinking out of the box YB.

As for those infected, our prayers are with you, this is one obstacle that we all urge you to overcome.

You should not be on this part due to sheer incompetence of others.

Remember, one does not go to a heart specialist to deliver a baby, perhaps if you think they do at Jalil Hill the correct answer would be orthopaedic!