The Iranian women’s hockey team at the AHF Indoor Championship’s have created an impact though it is only day two of the competition. After holding the Malaysia ‘A’ team to a 3-3 draw yesterday, Iran defeated the Malaysian ‘B’ team 3-0 today at the Indera Mulia Stadium in Ipoh.

But it is not only their performances that have got the spectators take notice and watch. Coming for a strict muslim country, the apparel worn by the Iranian team too is “eye-catching” as they are covered in accordance with the requirements of Islam, but it has not hampered their performances on the pitch.

For the record, only Indoor Hockey is played in Iran and there are 24 teams competing in their league. Though they have four artificial outdoor pitches, women’s hockey is not played outdoor.

Their apparel could be a source of inspiration to muslim girls in Malaysia who want to take up sports. Even some state sports council’s could look into copying the attrire for Sukma next year.