Is Malaysia giving SOJC a miss?

A search on the International Hockey Federation for events for 2020 will come up with a very interesting result.

Though most of the events in the official event calendar of the international body will revealed matches and tournaments listed as postponed, the 10th Sultan of Johor Cup has been officially listed as from 3-10 October in Johor Baru.

The tournament which first started in 2011 is organised by the Johor Hockey Association.

And from several media reports over the few months, six teams have been extended invitations for the annual U-21 Invitational Tournament.

Great Britain, Australia and India have gin formed their participation while replies are awaited from Japan and Germany,

So who is the 6th team?

Well it is supposedly Malaysia but news reports in the past few days seem to cast somewhat of a different perspective .

This is due to the fact that Dato Sri De. Anil Jeet Singh, the Chairman of the Competitions Committee has been quoted as saying that the postponed Malaysian Junior Hockey League will commence end of September and complete by October.

That effectively means that Malaysia will , should they decide to participate, will field an under strength team as most players will be playing for their teams in the Junior League.

From the squad that was to train under coach Wallace Tan for the Junior Asia Cup which was to be held in June, most of them are from the Tengku Mahkota Isnail Sports School in Bandar Penawar.

And the fact that they are defending champions in the MJHL would mean that they would want their layers to don their school jersey and not play in the SOJC.

Now if one gives the benefit of doubt that the planning of the MJHL was an oversight as it forgot of the SOJC, the right thing for any Competitions Chairman or member worth their salt would be to check the international calendar.

And the FIH calendar will show that Malaysia is hosting the 10th Sultan of Johor Cup.

That then leads to one question – the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing if the excuse is oversight.

But surely those seen in a photo being physically present at a meeting held during the MCO at Bukit Jalil surely will know better especially as one is deeply involved at the SOJC!

So was it a deliberate attempt to undermine the SOJC by fielding a rag tag team?

Surely not right?

But stranger teams have happened as so far as the SOJC is concerned since 2016.

Dare we think it’s not déjà vu?

Perhaps Johor might as well field their Sukma team if others here no longer keen in SOJC.

How can they forget is the million dollar question since FIH situated thousands of miles away never forgot?