Is NSC being honest as Kamoung Pandan is quarantine centre?

Why is an olympic medal hopeful been keeping away from training?

Was it an administrative blunder that forced this athlete to share a transport with athletes from other sport, one who turned out to be positive?

And now this medal hopeful, who has not qualified, is staying at Kampung Pandan, effectively as a Person Under Investigation.

Why was there no disclosure in this matter by the authorities who administer sports in the country?

How was it that this athletes was forced to share transport for such a short distance ?

What level of Standard Operating Procedures are there in place to ensure that national athletes are protected from such risks?

Since when was Kampung Pandan complex turned into a quarantine base for the 600 odd athletes supposedly the cream of our country?

Transparency and honesty , is it an alien word in sports where some opted to name athletes in the past when they got infected with NSC and ISN never once reprimanding the media for public disclosure,

So now in the name of truth and nothing but the truth, will the NSC Director General hold a media conference and provide honest and truthful answers.

Kindly declare just how many have been exposed since his last statement where 8 athletes and 5 staff were said to be exposed.

Please note that this must include staff working either at ISN and MSN.

And the National Security Council must after which shut down this quarantine based camp at Bukit Jalil.

To FAM, forget about placing your national team at Bukit Jalil.