Is NSC planning to take over BJSS?

When I penned the article on the cessation of placing Badminton and Football players at the Bukit Jalil Sports School, many questions were asked.

But what was more shocking was news that the National Sports Council’s desire to take over the Bukit Jalil Sports School.

No, not by main stream media but rather by those who actually care for our sports talents as well as their academic progress.

We often used to hear the phrase, the universities are the grave yard of sports.

However with the introduction of sports schools, starting with Bukit Jalil in 1996, it gave renewed hopes to parents who wanted to see the kids excel in both sports and academics and have a future beyond their sports shelf life.

However of late we hear of disgruntled NSC and NSA officials who lament that the sports schools are too regimented in their approach towards academic excellence and do not compromise.

It is pertinent to note that there are an average of 190 schooling days a year.

However most athletes at the sports school hardly achieve half of the desired attendance at classes.

But still they go on to carve a name for themselves in both sports ad well as in life.

So was it the system that failed us or are we that failed the system?

Is the sports school so regimented that it curtails the process of talented Athletes in sports?

Has it become so glaringly inadequately that the NSC through KBS feels that it ought to take over the Bukit Jalil Sports School?

For those who may be oblivious to this development, it can be revealed here that NSC has been taking steps to convince the Sports Minister to seek consent from the Prime Minister to hand over BJSS from the Ministry of Education to the Sports Ministry.

This matter was confirmed by those in the system and is truly alarming.

Does KBS for the matter NSC have the expertise in rubbing a School?

Why is NSC so focussed on taking over stuff they have no knowledge about?

Remember how the NSC took over the running of the cafeteria from the NSI?

Remember how the Podium Program was yanked away from NSI?

So what’s with this obsession?

Anyway in part 2, we shall reveal students from the school that have done well in life, dispelling the notion that educationists cannot run sports.