It’s your call Dharma

Should K. Dharmaraj wait or go elsewhere?

That seems to be the pertinent question amongst the Hockey circles of late.

Dharma was the Women’s Head coach, appointed during the tenure of Dato Ow Soon Kooi as Coaching Committee Chairman, despite strong opposition.

But Ow persisted. The rest is history as Dharma went in to prove his worth by taking the women’s team to greater heights.

In short, Dharma delivered his key performance index – to improve the ranking of the women’s team and qualify for World League finals.

The only shortfall was the failure to make the semis of the Asian Games.

Dharma also went in to deliver the indoor gold medal at the recent SEA Games.

But he was amongst the whole lot of local coaches that saw their contracts not renewed towards the end of December 2019.

It was then reported that the various coaching positions would be advertised in March and those interested could apply.

Clear and precise, and this meant the coaches needed to look for means to support their life’s in the three month period.

Most secured coaching jobs with the MHL or MWHL teams.

But out of the blues, the appointments of the various junior coaches was announced.

Wallace Tan was named as the Boys Juniors Coach with Nor Saiful Zaini as his assistant together with Megat Azrafiq. The goalkeeper coach is Nasihin Nubli.

And for the girls, the task fell to Lailin Abu Hassan, with Siti Rahmah as assistant and Roslan Janaluddin as goalkeeper coach,

It must be made clear here that Lailin, Roslan, Megat, Nasihin, Saiful were amongst those who saw their contracts not renewed just a month ago.

Those who are still not re-employed are Stephen van Huizen , K Dharmaraj from the coaching department,

As for others in development, the trio of Tai Beng Hai, Yahya Atan and S. Vellapan are still uncertain of their status.

While the prerogative of hiring and firing is well within the jurisdiction of the national body, several questions need to be answered.

Why remove the coaches when they’re-hiring done in a month?

Why remove Dharma and Saiful as coaches of the juniors teams when their tournaments were just 4-6 months away?

Why not advertise for all positions and not make appointments citing shortage of time as an excuse?

Why was Oltmans retained due to Azlan Shah Cup and not Dharma and Saiful?

Why remove Saiful who was head coach for the past 4 years and who has most players in his TNB or Thunderbolts set up?

What are the terms and conditions of the appointments of coaches that were recently appointed?

Why the necessity for Dharma to apply when others were appointed?

Why the cloak of secrecy in the appointments?

So realistically there are only a few positions that are vacant.

They are the positions of two assistant coaches of the men’s senior team, the chief coach of the women’s team, the two assistant coaches of the women’s senior team.

Realistically Dharma should have just be given a new contract for him to mull on, no necessity to apply

But there are so many mysteries in life, and this is just another in our scenario,

Dharma really has nothing to be ashamed off should he decide not to apply.

Why should he after all he has done?

The job ought to have been handed him on a silver platter.

If he has offers, then it’s his right to consider them carefully.

But Dharma loves this country just too much, his love will probably convince him to stay no matter what he has to endure.

Still it’s his call, his reputation scarred but intact.

It’s your call Dharma , either way we will respect it.