Ice Hockey : To play or not yo play?

Firstly to the parents of the ice Hockey players in a standoff with the national body in their kids being left out of the team.

Yes, you may have received calls, messages, texts, bad mouthing me, but at the same time ask yourself one question – what have you done to defend your kids, to fight for the rights of your kids, to argue the case of your kids?

I am not in this world to be liked by others – if that was what I desired, then I would end up as a politician,

But writing truth hurts people. Especially those who have something to hide, those who are wrong. And I was not born yesterday to know sport. I have done Sports administration for 37 years, so if you have based your judgment on me based on one side of the coin, so be it.

At least I am on the forefront of the battle to uncover the truth, unlike some of you that sit and rely on others to fight your battles, like the saying goes – “ baling batu sembunyi tangan.”

Now that you have had a mouth piece from this handicap, let’s get to the bottom of the matter.

The national body, in consultation with the head honchos of OCM and MSN have decided that the players dropped must appeal by Sunday.

The puck therefore is with the players,

If they want change, they are not getting it their way, simply put no changes in management and administration – period.

So if your kid does not want to appeal, then so be it, do not, it’s their democratic right not to.

I only have one question – frankly what are they appealing?

What is the necessity to appeal?

Were they dropped in writing or was it via a WhatsApp?

If they do not play, will Malaysia have a team to vie for honours in Manila or just make up numbers?

Frankly, all this just boils down to one thing – the truth and fiction.

So any difference to the war I wage against injustice?

Wear the shoe if it fits, I cannot as I have nine toes plus two corneas that belong to others.