June 1 Green-light for Road to Tokyo bound Athletes to resume training

The Athletes that have qualified for the Tokyo Olympics as well as those aspiring to will be allowed to start training on June 1.

The decision was taken at a meeting of Ministers for Covid 19 this morning at Putrajaya.

This marks a giant step towards sports returning to normalcy, albeit under strict standard operating procedures of the new normal.

Youth and Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican said that it was an important decision but this is just a first step on a ling journey.

“ Firstly I must thank my Cabinet Colleagues as well as the Ministry of Health for agreeing to the proposal put up by my Ministry,” said Dato Seri Reezal.

“ We were very careful in drawing up the SOP and the onus is in us now to make sure it is adhered to

“ These are basically non contact sports and it’s a tear vase for others.

“The so called “ Confine “ based approach or “ Quarantine Based Approach” made the “buy in “ become much tenable.”

There will be three confined training centres, namely NSC Complex Bukit Jalil, Stadium Juara and Langkawi.

A total of 265 Athletes. Coaches. Support Staff as well as sparring partners have been indemnified for this first return to sports.

Even to the extent of limiting numbers at the dining hall was thought of to prevent any untoward risk.

“ As I made clear, there will be no tolerance of those who flour the rules, no matter who they are,” warned Dato Seri Reezal

“ Those involved in this pilot program need to cultivate S high level of discipline and set a benchmark for others to follow.

“ The approval can be rescinded should we not adhere to the SOP and therefore I want to reiterate that we need to work as a team to make sure that it will be a “ zero case” scenario I as do far as infections are concerned”

Now the test of the sports community will be looking anxiously towards this pioneer batch, silently hoping all goes well.