Junior Hockey League Shocker

In a shocking move, the Malaysian Junior Hockey League will see a drastic cut in the number of teams competing.

This is not because there is lack of interest from the teams, but due to the fact that the MHC Competitions Department has cone out with a new regulation limiting the total number of entries to 14 teams in just one division for the men.

The MJHL was inaugurated in 1995 after the initiative of the then NSC Director General Dato Wira Mazlan Ahmad, MHF Secretary, late S. Satgunam and Nestle headed by Dato Dina Rizal and Ng Ping Loong.

The irony is that most of the Competitions Committee Members were not aware of this restrictions in the number of teams.

Initially a one division league, the MJHL was expanded to two divisions to cater for wider participation from outside Klang Valley and to serve as a launch pad for budding talents to compete in a competition across the country.

In the calling of entries circular dated 10 April, it is stated that the closing of entries is May 6.

The period listed for the running of the MJHL is from 14 Juns to 3rd August

It is clearly stated that only 14 teams will be CJ dude red for participation in a single division format with the composition being the top 8 teams of Division One last year plus the two promoted teams from Division Two.

And if there are more then 4 entries, over and above the 10 qualified, then they will have to compete in a qualifying round with a one off playoff via a draw to be. Inducted.

Listed below is the number of teams that have participated in the MJHL over the past three years.

Last year there were 30 teams in the boys competition and this number will now drop to half, this depriving some 352 players of playing Hockey for a 7 week period.

If this is progress, then surely it must be a first in world Hockey to deprive kids from competition.


Division One – 10 teams

Division Two – 24 teams

Women – 14 teams


Division One – 10 teams

Division Two – 20 teams

Women – 11 teams


Division One – 10 teams

Division Two – 20 teams

Women – 11 teams

Those who qualified

1. SSTMI Thunderbolts

2. Anderson Thunderbolts

3. AHP- SSP Thunderbolts

4. SMK Dato Bentara Luar

5. BJSS Thunderbolt

6. MBPJTigers


8. SSMS Resilient


1. MBMB Warriors