Junior League – Let Development suffer, who cares.

A total of 19 teams have entered for the boys competition of the Malaysian Junior Hockey League.

And the girls competition saw nine teams confirming their participation.

This is a drastic drop from last season where 30 teams competed in the boys competition while there were 11 teams in the girls competition.

And 10 teams in the boys competition will now have to play a qualifier on June 14 to determine which 5 teams will join the nine automatic qualifiers in the actual competition that starts on June 22.

Ironically the argument of quality over quantity propagated by the national body and certain quarters of the media obviously does not make sense.

For example, the Zaaba Girls team lost all their five matches last year, conceding 28 goals and scoring only two.

So why are they back in the fray? If now the argument is for development purposes or a learning process, why is the sane argument not used for the boys?

Now let’s have a look at the teams that have confirmed participation and dissect it further.

Those who qualified based on top eight from last years first division.

SSTMI Thunderbolts

Anderson Thunderbolts

AHP- SSP Thunderbolts

SMK Dato Bentara Luar – UniKL

BJSS Thunderbolt



SSMS Resilient



( Note; MBMBB have not entered)

Teams involved in the qualifier.

Sabah Juniors



KL Wipers



GR Highlanders Boys


MSN- SSN Young Lions

SSTMI Juniors

Looking at the list, one can notice there are no trans from Sarawak ( which is always the case despite their president holding an independent member position in parent body, Kedah HA ( whose president is a Vice President at the parent body), Melaka ( whose President is an independent member of the parent body) .

States like Pahang, Perak are represented by Thunderbolt trans, largely administrated and funded by TNB.

Nine out of the 19 teams involved are from spirts schools, therefore clearly showing there is no stars based development involved despite the age group being Under 19.

Which leads to this question – most of the players are within school going age, meaning they are below 18.

So what happens to players that are 19-21 as there is no Under 21 tournament this year, as has been the case since 2017 except when Sukma is held on even years!

Now we talk about the silly regulation limiting the competition to 14 teams, as the argument was quality over quantity.

Imagine there will be a total of 16 teams left out, meaning 352 players losing out in the name of quality over quantity.

And a few years down the line, the nation may lose out internationally due to uncut jewels missing out from this decision as they will not be nurtured.

Next let’s take a look at the girls competition.

These are the trans that have confirmed participation and are from last year as well.

Johor Girls

SMSS Girls




MBPJ Black Widow

KL Wipers- KLSS


Zaaba Girls

From the list it’s obvious once again no teams from Sarawak. Melaka. Kelantan. Kedah, Perak.

So again, kindly tell me how on earth is there development initiated by state HA’s for women’s hockey when they cannot get 22 girls to put up a team?

It’s always been about the lack of funding. No support from state government. The schools not supportive and you name it they have the excuses. Probably enough to gain a doctorate in the field of excuses

But are these so called stars office bearers there only for free hotel stay during international tournaments and only there to collect titles when the fundamental resin they hold positions is to serve?

But these days all that matters is Apple polishing and being in the right camp so that they can hold positions in the parent body,

Development? Who cares! That not their bread and butter.

Buttering others gets them places.