Keep politics out of sports KBS

Although the prerogative of selecting the Chef De Mission of multi sports events lies completely with the Olympic Council of Malaysia, there seems to be talk of resentment from the Youth & Sports Ministry on the selection of Senator Datuk Megat Zulkarnain Omardin as the Chef De Mission for the 30th Manila SEA Games.

Dato Megat, an UMNO leader is also the Secretary General of Pesaka, the National Silat Organisation.

By virtue of his position in a national spirts body, coupled with his knowledge of sports as well as having once been an OCM Vice President, not to mention his oratory and public relations skills, Dato Megat fits the bill to lead the Malaysian Athletes.

His political affiliation should and ought not and never to be used as a tool to disqualify or present him from serving sports, especially when he was elected by his peers in OCM through a vetting process led by none other then Tan Sri Mohd Noor Rahim, who himself was a distinguished top civil servant,

The Sports Ministry should not use political affiliation to decide on the ability of an individual but should be apolitical when it comes to matters of sports.

One contention, from what is being said in the corridors of power at the Sports Ministry is the contention that the government provides the finance towards the participation of athletes and officials towards multi sports events,

This, the detractors must remember, is not a privilege of the goverment of the day but a social contract that has been embodied for years.

After all the money for sports comes from the tax payers and does not belong to any political party,

Any attempt to interfere in sports can be construed as goverment intervention and could lead to dire consequences internationally.

Therefore it is hoped that either the Sports Ministry or through its agency the National Sports Council clear the air regarding this potentially time bomb situation,

For the record the Sports Minister has, despite been appointed early July, yet to hold a formal discussion with the OCM on his direction and vision for sports in the country.

As a matter of fact he has yet to collectively meet the leaders of the various national spirts associations.

Is this because most are members of the opposition party?

Or will in coming times the athletes need to declare their political affiliation in order to get funding?

Let’s keep politics and spirts in different platforms.

If it is Malaysia we care for, then stop bribing political agendas into sports,

Over to you Minister. The shuttle, ball, javelin, shot putt, whatever you want to call it is in your court.