Kim Chun to replace Teong Kim at NFDP

So the word is that the contract of Lim Teong Kim will not be renewed and indication of such action was told to media in Japan.

And further to that, it was revealed that a new Program Director has been identified and the announcement will be made by the Sports Minister soon.

Anyway it looks more then likely that the firmer Program Director and FAM Technical Director Lim Kim Chun is set to replace Teong Kim.

This will be justified by the fact that Kim Chun has in-depth knowledge of the program and hence the continuity.

For the info of those who may not know, Kim Chun recently ended his stint with Football Association of Thailand, so his timing seems to be perfect.

And he is the elder Brother of Teomg Kim, talk and coincidences in MFL, FAM and now NFDP.