KLHA to Act

Following revelations of the two coaches quitting the Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association Razak Cup squad, the President of KLHA has decided to get to the bottom of the matter.

An emergency Council meeting has been called for this Tuesday to investigate and take appropriate measures , if any, on the episode that led to the departure of two coaches following alleged interference by two senior officials of the KLHA.

As in every case there are two sides of the coin with both parties stating that they are right.

The confusion it seems started from the regulations of the Razak Cup which this year emphasised on the four guest players ruling.

Another issue seems to have cropped up as some members of the KLHA Coaching Committee claim that no meeting was held to discuss the appointment of coaches.

Matters are at a boil in KLHA following two episodes of incidents when the pitch was given away for non Hockey purposes , thus preventing scheduled development clinics to be conducted.

It is hoped that the Tuesday Council Meeting could shed light on the issue at hand and see remedial measures being put in place so as to ensure that high handed behaviour be a thing of the past.