KLHA – Which Direction Will They Go?

Though it was meant to be a secret, but as the news has been posted all over WhatsApp Groups, I am therefore duty bound to reveal that the KLHA Council Meeting scheduled for Tuesday has now been moved to Wednesday at 6.30pm.

No sinister motive though as the one day delay was caused by several council members not being available on Tuesday.

The speed in which KLHA President acted is commendable as many versions of the exit of the coaches has arisen.

Now to dissect this, we must go to the root cause of it, meaning from the very Essence of what caused this incident to occur.

Firstly KLHA is governed by a Council, comprising of elected office bearer plus six affiliated clubs.

Then there are several sub committees to look into the various aspects like Competition, Coaching, Development, Finance, Umpiring.

Often then not these committees exist in name, meaning no meetings are held and the Chairpersons make unilateral decisions without seeking consensus.

But in this modern age of technology, a physical meeting is often not necessary as the discussions are normally held in group chats over WhatsApp.

Firstly in this case it must be established if the decision to appoint the initial coaches, or even their replacements was made by the Coaching Committee.

Next comes the question – does KLHA have a register on coaches, meaning are coaches registered with them.

This is interesting as three out of the four coaches involved in this present saga are from other states.

Which then brings into question , did these coaches seek release letters from their home states?

The issue here is the selection of “ guest players”.

Had the National players been available to play in the Razak Cup, then KL would not need guest players so as to say.

But national players are in Oman for the Asian Champions Trophy.

Which brings us to the next question – are only players in Oman barred from playing in the Razak Cup or the entire training squad, meaning those dropped for one reason or another from the final squad.

The ban ought to be a blanket one and not just to those who are doing the nation proud in Muscat.

Going back to the selection issue, the argument put forward is a double edge sword.

The coaches wanted an experienced goalkeeper in the final squad but they already had a total of four guest players, thus his inclusion would have made it 5, therefore flouting the regulations.

All the coaches were asking was to drop one of the other four so as to include the keeper.

Therefore the argument of giving KL players a chance rather then outsiders as put forward by the two officials does not hold water.

The final selection should and ought to be left to the coaches and without undue pressure on them.

But that is water under the bridge and the two coaches stood their ground and rightfully left the team, purely on principles which sadly many lack.

Now what makes it more peculiar is the said goalkeeper who is in the centre of controversy is based in KL and a assistant coach of a city based MHL side, this making him one of their own.

There is also speculation that pressure was out on officials to include a particular player failing which their star player would withdraw.

I pray this is merely speculation as players should not dictate the composition of a team and the KLHA Council must look seriously into this.

So what will transpire?

To be fair all versions of the incidents must be hard, without prejudging those involved, and more importantly not linking this to other incidents that KLHA were recently embroiled in.

As such the two coaches who quit and those appointed to replace then must be called to give their side of the story.

The Razak Cup is a few days away, what has been done can surely now not be undone as time is the essence.

Expect a rap on the knuckle, end of subject and maybe I too will receive a Lawyers notice for stating the truth.

Or have you not heard the myth “ shoot the messenger” so common in our Hockey circles!