Norza confirms Chong Wei has nose cancer

It is best to leave badminton ace Dato Lee Chong Wei alone.

The statement by BAM President Dato SETI Norza Zakaria confirms Chong Wei has early state of nose cancer.

Hence respecting his privacy as advocated by Ziezack should be our utmost priority.

There is no necessity to speculate, second Guess or rumour monger of the illness he is suffering and where and what treatment he is undergoing as Norza has made it crystal clear.

Hence it was not proper for BAM Secretary Dato Ng Chin Chai to have made any statement on the progress of the undisputed number one player of our nation.

Chin Chai should never better as giving out half baked news only tends to increase speculation amongst the general public,

If you had gone to see him, then it was done in a private capacity, no need to comeback and tell the whole world that Chong Wei will be back in Malaysia in a week or two, despite knowing his real condition.

He is no fugitive, he is undergoing treatment, he might be in pain, he probably needs space and not undue attention.

The media has been largely subdued on this matter until Chin Chai made that statement.

Suddenly articles that were published months ago, speculation on social media started making its rounds again.

Yes I am close to Chong Wei, but he is a Friend rather then a superstar, hence I hope others will respect his wish not to talk about what he is undergoing.

Trust me that Chong Wei will open up when he is ready to do so, but let’s stop this talk of him having an ill fated disease that cannot be cured.

Chong Wei would have weighed all his options before leaving for Taiwan to seek medical treatment, hence he is fully aware of what needs to be done.

On our part, let’s as a nation get behind him and offer prayers in our own way for his recovery and good health.

Let’s pray together that our master of the court will once again display his mastery on the court.

And thank you Norza for your statement, it helped clear the air.