Let a sports leader chair PSM Board

The politicians had the first bite and failed.

Then came the retired civil servants but they too made no headway.

In stepped the corporate guys who only spoke mega bucks but made losses.

This is the sad tale of leadership at the Perbadanan Stadium Merdeka,.

Now that the position of chairman is vacant perhaps there needs to look at it in a different manner.

Enough of those from the previously tried, tested and failed Melinda.

It’s time to give an opportunity to those from within the sports industry..

A leader that has deep passion and knowledge for sports,

An individual that is willing to listen and engage.

Someone with good knowledge of sports that utilise facilities under the care of PSM.

But not a person who has shallow knowledge of the sport he runs dictatorial y and pretend popularity

The Sports Minister ought to try out FAM President Dato HAMIDIN zOn as Chairman of PSM

Why him?

Simply out his sport is the largest revenue earner for PSM

HAMIDIN could generate more events at h national stadium and that alone could double the revenue

His f the p passion for sports and business minded yet professional approach is yet another factor,

A proper sports museum could finally materialise after empty talks since 2004.

Give it a thought Minister .