Let’s honour Sikh Olympians

Representing your nation is the highest achievement for many a sportsman.

For it is the pinnacle for many a athlete and is often used as a barometer to determine the ability.

There are many sportsmen, but in Malaysia there are only around 350 Olympians, those accorded the honour and privilege of using the abbreviation OLY behind their names to mark their participation at the elite world stage.

Hence the Sikhs of Malaysia should be proud to know that a total of 18 Malaysian Sikhs have represented the nation at the Olympics.

And from the 18 named below, only four of them are double Olympians.

Sikhs are known to be hardworking, passionate and dedicated at whatever field the chose to excel in.

And the community always steps forward to reward achievements of their fellow Sikhs, be it in the academic, professional or sports.

Therefore it is indeed sad that Selangor Sikh Union , or fondly known as Club Aman has not stepped forward to honour these 18 individuals.

A honorary membership for these 18 individuals could be considered as the club has bestowed such an honour on several individuals.

A board in the reception area with names of Sikh Olympians should be erected to remind all that Sikhs played a vital role in the promotion and development of Sports in this nation.

After all is it not a fact that Club Aman was set up by our forefathers for sports?

So I humbly plead to those running the affairs of Club Aman to bestow honorary membership to these 18 individuals.

It will be an appropriate gesture and reminder to youngsters to aim for the pinnacle in their career in sports.

Some listed below have passed away but they continue to inspire us nonetheless with their exploits and should be given due recognition. Better late then never.

This is the full list of Sikh Olympians.

Dilbagh Singh – 1964 Steeplechase

Nashatar Singh – 1964 and 1968 Javelin

Nauraj Singh – 2016 High Jump

Gian Singh – 1956 Hockey

Kartar Singh – 1964 Hockey

Ranjit Singh – 1964 Hockey

Tara Singh – 1964 Hockey

Savinder Singh – 1968 Hockey

Kuldip Singh – 1968 Hockey

Harnahal Singh – 1968 and 1972 Hockey

Randhir Singh – 1972 Hockey

Mohinder Singh – 1976 Hockey

Avtar Singh Gill 1976 Hockey

Jagjit Singh – 1984 Hockey

Sulhvinderjit Singh – 1984 Hockey

Sarjit Singh – 1984 and 1992 Hockey

Aphtar Singh – 1996 Hockey

Maninderjit Singh – 1996 and 2000 Hockey