Let’s talk SIX FAM

On one hand the Youth & Sports Minister has moved an amendment to the federal constitution to allow Under 18’s to vote in general elections.

In the mean time across town, the Football Association of Malaysia moved to amend their constitution – the most glaring being putting a cap on the minimum number of nominations required before being eligible to contest for positions in the national body.

These amendments however cannot come into effect until they receive the approval of the Asian Football Confederation, FIFA and the Sports Commissioner.

Under the amendments cited under Article 27, paragraph four of the FAM statute, those who wish to contest as a president need six nominations, deputy president (five), vice-president (four) and the excos (two).

Now it was said that these amendments are in line with AFC and FIFA statutes.

However one needs to look at the whole matter rather objectively and be aware in the actual spirit why they were proposed in the first place.

Firstly even AFC and FIFA set a pre- requisite if 5 nominations for the President position, while FAM opted for 6, maybe as the current President is a staunch Liverpool fan and cannot get the figure six out of his mind ( Liverpool for those who have short memories won their 6th European Cup on June 1).

But consider this, AFC has 45 member associations while FIFA has a total of 211 member associations.

In contrast FAM has a total of 20 affiliates, out of which 14 are state bodies.

So in terms of percentage, the FAM requirement is for a candidate to get at least 30 per cent nomination while FIFA is a mere 2.5 per cent whereas AFC is 12 per cent.

This is one area that FAM and the Sports Minister needs to give serious thought to as it is simply unfair and will lead to questionable lobbying tactics,

Next is the issue of number of candidates.

With six being the golden figure, this means there will not be more then a three corner fight for the position of President.

As for the Deputies, with the requirement of five nominations, it means not more then 4 candidates can vie for the two positions.

And it gets murkier for the Vice Presidents as getting four will assure one of the post virtually .

So really this leads to a cartel like approach rather then democracy as advocated to everyone.

FAM should not have proceeded with these amendments without thinking carefully and not be looked at as a cartel, run and administrated by a select few.

Those is positions now must realise that this is not a family heirloom as some may think,

An open contest is the best way to select candidates, and if we can place the future of the country in those who are 18 to make correct judgements, why the fear in FAM to let the 39 delegates who cast votes to make the correct decisions at the elections.

So over to you Saddiq, will you practice what you preach and advise the Sports Commissioner to reject the hastily drawn and unfair numbers that a candidate needs in order to serve the rakyat?