Watching youngster Yang Li Lian on court was a sight to behold. But what was more pleasant was the manner in which she handled questions from the media the day after her emotional win in the crucial match against India.
Watch the videos as Li Lian speak of her opponent and what went through her mind during the titanic struggle.

Yang Li Lian is one of the few sports personalities that are gifted with the ability to perform on and off the court.
For the 19 year old lass that became the darling of Malaysian badminton after her come from behind win over India’s Sayali in the Uber Cup match in Macau on Thursday night scored 9 A’s in her SPM ( O Levels) examination last year.
And she is currently pursuing her A Levels at Help College and aspires to qualify in the field of actuarial science.
For those who may not know, actuarial science  is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in the insurance and finance industries. 
It will not be out of the equation to say that Li Lian is an accidental hero for she was a last minute inclusion after Sonia Cheah was ruled out due to a bone infection. But being left out of events is something she has become accustomed too as BAM has not given her much exposure.
“I did not expect to play but took the chance when fielded. Infact I was not in the squad when it was first named,” said Li Lian who adores Wong Mew Choo and hopes to better her performances.
“I am not the type to sulk over being omitted but take that as a challenge for it inspires me to train harder in order to achieve my goal.
“At times it saddens me when I am left out from overseas assignments but what can I do about it but to prove my worth by performing better.”
Li Lian is willing to put her studies on hold, or rather take a longer time to finish her A Levels and her degree in the future for she has her mind set on playing in the 2016 Rio de Janiero Olympics.
“It is my dream to play at the Olympic and I have given myself 4 years to achieve that dream. It will not be easy but I am prepared to slog hard in order to make it,” said Li Lian who was inspired to play the sport by her brother.
“My focus right now is on the quarterfinal match and I aim to deliver the point if fielded again. But hopefully I may not need to play as I am confident my team mates can seal the win even before I need to take to the courts.