Life akin to a Ferris Wheel Ride

Ever been on a ferries wheel at a fun fair?

Notice that at one time of the ride you are right on the top.

Then at another you are right at the bottom.

It goes on like this, a cycle, till you hit rock bottom and it’s time for your ride to end.

Well life is like a Ferris wheel.

You have your good times and your bad times.

I am one of those whose life is skin to a Ferris wheel.

Top of the world Saturday, then stuck somewhere in the middle late evening, not because of that idiotic message.

But rather the quiet and peace broken by a WhatsApp message from a person I consider my mentor.

Then Sunday afternoon over a cup of latte, another jerk and I find myself at the bottom of the Ferris wheel.

Was it time to get off? Has the ride ended? Was it just one circle I wonder.

Somehow the wheel started moving, and I stopped right in the top, the path was clear, the sky was the limit, the dream coming true.

I was day dreaming I must admit, it was a game changer, a life changer at the top.

Then the wheel came to an abrupt halt on Monday, but not before one stop.

At that stop, reality began to set it, the dream was about to end.

And next I knew, it was time to get off, the ride ended.

So what actually was the dream I had in the past 48 hours?

I saw myself in a field, the field ironically had four goal posts.

However instead of one referee, there were three

The first one just blew the whistle to start the match, now which goal should I aim for?

The posts were being moved, then suddenly the second match official hauled me up for a foul, when practically I did nothing.

And as soon as I finished pleading my case, the third virtually gave marching orders.

Any of this made sense to you?

Well nothing in life makes sense right, not when in reality you are really the Football, kicked about without direction.

Hello Komuter, take me home, away from this wicked world where Politicians could learn a thing or two from sports officials.

Now let’s sit together on the train, a total stranger next to me, where is the social distancing!

And yet we cannot okay Football as it’s deemed dangerous.

Ferris wheel?

No thank you, have been taken for enough rides since 2015.