Life full of bullies – our sports scenario

They are seen walking around with their chest put.

Attired in top range clothing, probably the cost of our entire life time of clothes.

They sit and dine at hotels, but actually eat peasant food.

They will be accompanied by an entourage, mostly to carry their heavy balls ( no pun intended).

They act as if they are gifts to man kind.

Being driven in luxury cars you and I can Ill afford is common.

They demand respect, never realising that respect is earned.

They treat others as their slaves but not realising that they too are slaves.

They purchase things as if there is no tomorrow.

They act as if everyone loves them and adores them

In short they portray an image of holier then thou.

In reality they are just big bullies , capitalising on situations, have virtually no ability to Thi Kim, are even scared of the their own shadows.

Such is their fear that they need bodyguards, henchman and of course ball carriers that remind them – you are the man.

They cannot write to save their life’s yet walk around wearing coats as if they are full time under takers.

They do not know how to let go, how to say sorry when they err.

And just because they have the money and lower, they think they are mighty.

In short they are nothing, just dicks with a stick walking around selling themselves like the worlds oldest profession.

Who I am rambling about?

Out so called sports leaders who lost their class years ago.