Lights? Maybe no night matches at Tun Razak

Serious doubts are now emerging on the ability of the Tun Razak Hockey Stadium to play host to the Malaysian Hockey League matches.

Checks revealed that the lights at the stadium are not sufficient to host night matches as the “ Lux “ ( brightness) do not meet the required standard of 750 for matches to be played at night

A study on Sunday by the tournament officials of the MHL revealed that the maximum “Lux” available was only 300 at an average ( see image above)

This is as a result of the second row of the floodlights not being able to be used as once switched on, it results in “ tripping” and a blackout occurs.

Now this is where it gets more complicated.

With the impending closure of the Bukit Jalil stadiums, two teams, TNB and Thunderbolts have picked Tun Razak as their hone venue,

However both cannot use the stadium for matches under floodlights,

And MHC has also listed the stadium for the semis and finals for both the men and women semis and final.

Now they will have to look for alternatives or risk playing matches in the evening.

One piece of good news though was the UiTM pitch passed a second inspection on Sunday and can be used for matches,

And the KLHA pitch averages a “ Lux” of between 500 to 1,000 and this could be adjusted if certain lights are ready-angles so that a fairer distribution for the lights will make it a perfect venue for night matches.

And while at this, has anyone actually tested the lights at the UniKL stadium in Bangi?