Locked gates could one day occur for failure to settle rentals

We often hear national sports bodies taking the stadium boards to task for poor management or provision of facilities at sporting venues.

But much of the blame actually lies with the sports bodies itself.

Not that they are tasked with the administration and management of these multi million ringgit venues, but their lackadaisical approach towards settling bills is astounding.

Just look at the two main tenants or users of the National Stadium Bukit Jalil, be it Hockey and Football.

It is learnt that Hockey owes something in the region of RM300,000 for rentals while FAM still has a bill of RM1.5 million!

And this is not amusing as one day these two bodies could well see themselves locked out.

What causes FAM to owe this amount?

After all they do have gate collections and besides the rental of the stadium, they also have to pay a certain levy with regards to the tickets sold.

And yes there is also a cost towards damages that occurs to certain items ( like seats, toilets, gates).

But basically owing a stadium authority RM1.5 million simply means that FAM has a poor administration.

While everyone is aware of the fact that MFL has liabilities that run into millions ( a fact acknowledged via a press release) , just what are the liabilities of FAM?

So what boils be the dire circumstances if FAM or MFL do not settle their dues?

For starters the Stadium Board could come down hard and lock their doors.

Which effectively rules out the Malaysia Cup final and the two World Cup/AFC Cup Qualifiers against Thailand and Indonesia.

And while the fans will be up and armed against the stadium authorities, they too must remember that this kind of action is forced upon due to uncooperative nature of the sports bodies.

So why is it so difficult to pay their bills?

Well sports associations are known to adopt a policy of let’s settle who we need to first and “ roll” whatever we have.

They never fathom that the stadium authorities will lock their gates.

But one day push might come to shove, and the stadium gates collided be shit or the lights never turned on.

And who will we blame then?

Give it a thought please before jumping to conclusions.