Looking for a job, apply for women’s head coach. All are eligible

Firstly it’s totally an amateurish advertisement.

And secondly why are only two positions being advertised.

That is the first thing that came to mind when looking at the advertisement for Hockey coaches that was sent to me this morning.

Initially when the coaches of the various teams saw their contracts not extended, they were told to apply for the positions when advertised.

However in a sudden turn of events, coaches and assistants for both the men’s and girls junior teams were appointed.

That left the men’s senior team assistant positions as well as women’s teams positions still vacant since the men senior coach still had a valid contract.

But hey presto – an advert ( if you can call it that) appears for the position of the women’s senior team chief and assistant coach positions.

For those who May have forgotten or opt to forget. The chief coach of the women’s team was K. Dharmaraj with Lailin ABU Hassan as his assistant and Roslan Janaluddin as goalkeeper coach.

Both Lailin and Roslan are now the coach and keeper coaches for the women’s junior teams respectively.

Which leaves Dharma as the sole individual out of the system.

And why was there no adverts for the men’s senior team assistant coaches?

Has that positions been filled up or the choice left to the Dutchman?

Back to this advert, it is a shallow advert with not much innit.

So shallow that anyone, yes virtually anyone can apply for the position.

There is no qualification required, no need for a coaching certificate, be it FIH or AHF levels.

There is no need for prior experience in high performance Hockey.

There is no need for experience in handling a Hockey team.

There is no requirement for ability and knowledge in sports science.

There is no bench mark in success rate.

So what are we really looking for?

What are the key performance indicator expected from the coach?

Is it gold medal at SEA Games?

Is it top three finish at the Asia Cup?

Is it a medal at the Asian Games?

Is it qualification to the World Cup?

Is it improving our ranking to top 15?

Is it qualification to the 2024 Olympics?

The sane could and should be said about the Junior Teams.

We’re the coaches told that the teams KPI is making the Junior World Cups?

And taking about KPI, the Dutchman was told to make the final of the 2014 Azlan Shah Cup.

Well Dharma did that in his first assignment as men’s coach in 2014 with players from the 2013 Junior World Cup.

We all want our teams to do well. Make no mistake about it please.

But dare we dream with such shoddy work where an advert gives rise to more questions then answers?

I dare say many within the system will be embarrassed at the quality of the advert.

Let’s get this thing right please, if you cannot do it, get help.