Losing Jobs, When reality strikes

So the terminator has struck again!

With one swipe several individuals find themselves not have a merry Xmas after all.

They have now to look for alternatives to put good on the table, be it for themselves or their aged parents or siblings.

Then they have to worry about repayment of the loans they undertook , especially car and housing loans.

Those with kids in the higher institutions of learning will now be scrambling to find sources of study loans.

Those with smaller kids will now either dismiss their maids or think twice about sending their kids to day care centre, which are pretty expensive I was told.

But one thing is certain, they have paid the price and the feeling in their guts is terrible.

I know how it feels, as in 2015 , I too was in such a state.

Here I have Doctors telling me my kidneys were gone, and next my rice bowl snatch away,

Perseverance is all the advice I can offer these poor souls, nothing more.

I know it feels like the end of the world to some, but is there not a saying , “ when one food closes, nine others will open”.

Anyway do not at all believe in sayings, for I am living testimony of that.

Suddenly your phone will start having less messages. Less calls to answer.

Then slowly the relations will stop dropping by, the ones that used to fire over you for freebies.

And the circle of friends will get smaller, and small till you wonder if you do have friends.

The anger within you will be burning, not at all simmering as you would have expected with time passing by.

And next thing you know, one of your trusted buddies has replaced you.

And then you start blaming God, as to why this had to happen to you.

You are religious, undertake your religious obligations well, but where is God when you needed him the most you start asking.

The reality starts biting in, you no longer have any power, you no longer are relevant, I dare say you no longer exist.

Those who dotted on your work suddenly disappear, scared to talk to you let alone be seen patronising with you,

In this process, you let of steam, start badmouthing those who caused you such misery,

But wait a minute…

Ask yourself first why have you been made into such a victim.

Ask yourself what you did yo others and is this not retribution from God.

Ask yourself where blind faith took you to.

Ask yourself if you were fair to others.

Ask yourself why was I such a fool to trust the establishment.

Those who know next time nothing decided your fate in a career that you might have taken years to secure.

By the way if you think this is about a particular sport that’s in the news for all the wrong reasons, think again.

After all many of my friends plus foes too lost their jobs as well.

So before you pick up the phone yo say let’s fix him up, perhaps you might want to fix what’s within you first and see if you really have a heart.