Loud, proud, strong…and above all, true.

Being principled and honest is something that makes one feel there is a purpose in life.

But there is one institution that cannot just swallow that.

No it’s not those affected ( as they are just made of dust as are you and me) but it’s the financial institutions.

And I know just exactly how that feels!

The banks are not going to be least bothered if you are honest, principled, truthful, non corruptible .

You owe them money and they want it back, simple.

Now back to the topic of writing truths.

They hurt you really – in your pocket.

I can safely say that over the past few years, no sports Organisation, institution, body, association, company or individual has the balls to offer or allow me to work.

Why you may afk?

It’s simple, they do not want to be associated with a person that has revealed sordid takes on sports that were best kept under wraps.

These people are scared, Apple polish, embarrassed, jealous of the fact that should they be associated with me, they will be seen in their “ society” as being associated with me.

So rather then be shunned by their peers, some even refused to be seen with me, let alone walk, talk or dine with me.

I have always told myself one thing – I only need 4 friends.

Why? Cos when we go, that’s the number we need to carry our remains to our final resting place.

Calling me names, branding me anything , threatening me with power, abusing me, using meeting rooms to issues threats against me, going to palaces or government agencies will not silence me.

My resolve is simple – sports must uphold its values of being clean and fair, with untoward advantage to anyone.

There is just so much corruption and power abuse in sports these days that it can put the governments of nations to shame for what they do is pale comparisons to what is happening in sports.

So what can a partially blind, dialysis patient who is jobless and penniless do?

Shit up, coil in one corner, allow himself to be battered by those paid handsomely by these goons running sports?

Or just sell his principles as they say everyone has a price on his head?

As I pack my belongings to leave KL after 23 years, I wake up this morning, cursing firstly that I am still alive.

But my resolve is simple.

I will write so as long as those who fear me keep doing wrong.

I will write as Long as you keep threatening me with lawsuits and other means,

I will keep writing till one day sports is deemed clean,

I will keep writing till those in seats if power are unseated as their abuses are exposed.

I will keep writing until the rule of law in sports is upheld and constitutions respected.

I will keep writing until the day I die.

Till then, as have two presidents of spurts bodies tried, do your best to shit he up.

My doors are always open to sit down and talk like two sane human beings.

But when you allow those with vested interests surround you and you are really not your own man, then why bother taking the 90 minute drive to Tampin!

For all of you who hide and just egg on others to act against me are just in simple, plain English – ball less.

Till my next truthful article later today, squirm in your seats for you may be next to fall victim to the quest for truth from my finger,

Who said the pen was mightier then the sword, it’s my nimble finger that really makes some shit bricks.