M League: A raw TV deal for the Rakyat

Tomorrow marks the kick off of the 2020 season of the M-League.

Trust most of the big wigs will be headed to the new Sultan Ibrahim Stadium to catch the action between JDT and Kedah.

Not that they are bothered about the quality of Football, but more so to impress TMJ that they are there in person.

As they enjoy the sparkling facilities at the state of the art stadium, as will some fortunate fans who can afford the tickets and the trip, spare a thought for the millions of true blooded football fans out there.

Wait a minute, did someone mention that these fans can watch the M League matches “ live” on TV?

Oh well, let’s just look where this weekend matches are being scheduled to be aired. As stated below;



JDT vs Kedah (LIVE on TV1 & Unifi TV)


UiTM FC vs Melaka Utd (LIVE on Unifi TV)

Pahang vs Selangor (LIVE on Unifi TV)

Terengganu FC vs Perak (LIVE on Unifi TV)


PDRM vs Sabah (LIVE on Unifi TV)

Felda Utd cs PJ City (LIVE on Unifi TV)

Now only 1, yes just one match will be aired on terrestrial TC, meaning free to air platform.

And to watch the others, you need to either subscribe to Unifi ( ultimate package) or watch it on your mobile by downloading an app and making the necessary payment through a gateway.

Wait just a minute here, there is a catch here as watching it on your mobile will not only cost you data ( meaning money to telcos) but a strain on your eyes as well.

So where is the other broadcast deal that MFL and FAM Secretary was talking about?

Why was it so difficult to talk to RTM for at least one match a week to be telecast over the free to air TV?

Granted unifi holds the exclusive broadcast rights, hence they could be reserved on having Astro on board.

But the failure of the MFL Marketing and Commercial team to safeguard the interest of the common people is disheartening.

This goes out to show that many in that department have sold short the Malaysian public.

Frankly other then TM, CIMB and Shoppee ( which is yet to be officially announced), what are your deliverables?

What other sponsors have you lined up or for that matter who are you talking to and convincing in the next few months?

And from the point of ROU, why is it so difficult to produce a football magazine show?

Stations that do not have broadcast rights are having numerous Football magazine shows.

Yet unifi which owns the rights plus MFL have failed to come up with anything different for Football fans.

It’s all about ability to think out of the box and deliver, not warm your seats and await salaries at the end of the month, like one Board member who it seems earns RM15k a month ( not confirmed though).

Let’s see some action on the idiot box ( tv for those who do not understand) and get rid of idiots who underperform at the expense of the rakyat.