M League Fixture : Bapa kencing berdiri, anak kencing berlari.

After years of running the competition, it is indeed baffling that the Malaysian Football League is unable to produce its fixtures for the year.

When released two weeks ago, one would have noticed that the fixtures only cover a certain duration of the Super and Premier leagues.

And it is perfectly understandable if there is uncertainty with regards to the Malaysia Cup due to the qualification process.

But what excuse is there for failure, year in and year out, to come out with a full set of fixtures?

How many have the so called “ lawatan sambil belajar” been undertaken by the competition department officials from the MFL to Europe or even South East Asia?

Is it so difficult to come out with the fixtures given the fact that they have the FIGA , AFC Calendar published well in advance?

And if it’s about national teams and their programs, is it to be said that our coaches are so incompetent that they have no inkling on when the “ Wahtu” will descend upon them .

A proper full season fixture will allow teams to plan early their movement and logistics such as board and lodging, not to mention cheaper flights if booked early,

Then there is also the case for fans to plan what matches they desire to watch at the stadium,

But when those in positions of power play politics like putting sand in other peoples rice bowl, then their own incompetence is so blatant.

One piece of advice to this little napoleons that roam around in the corridors of power in FAM and MFL, always remember that fame and fortune is temporary.

Today’s meal is tomorrow’s leftovers.

Soon you too will face the wrath of karma.

So start descending from the planets slowly as you might soon end up with a thud, only a sore arse as reward.

Footnote – stop being the arse.