M League; Holiday season begins as incompetence rules

At times one wonders if those at the Malaysian Football League do have any manual that is close to a standard operating procedure manual.

Having ran the M League for years, some actions, or more inaction leaves many a football fan and critic bewildered.

Take for example the Charity Shield match last Friday at the newly minted Sultan Ibrahim Stadium.

The entire department of one unit of MFL was there at the match. A full day before the match!

With the severe financial crisis that MFL is undergoing, it is not proper to incur such expenditure, especially since the nine of them could have been put to better use at other venues.

Sadly when this was raised with FAM/MFL President Dato Hanidin Amin, instead of being thankful for pointing out this folly, he was defensive.

His justification – they went there to work!

Which reminds me of a story of the CEB ( now known as TNB) pole gang as they were known.

There will be a lorry load of workers, plus supervisors and officers , around 10-15 of them to put up one single pole.

Since productivity, perhaps this was the justification.

Ironically it was learnt that other more vital departments, that contribute towards bringing in revenue as well as ensuring the live was carried out without glitches had far less staff present in Johor.

Then we have the fiasco of the Shah Alam Stadium.

Right from the beginning something was not right, and a story was leaked out to the media.

When shot hit the fan with almost all new outlets reporting the same story , with similar quotes, the official denial ensured, citing that the said officials was misquoted!

If one paper misquotes then it’s perfectly understandable.

But when the entire industry reports the same thing, then it’s no longer a misquote.

So what will MFL say now on the no approval of the Shah Alam Stadium?

Another error on the part of the media?

What were those people entrusted by responsibilities to make sure things were up to mark before the season kicked off?

Oh well, why fret when we have Hamidin willing to allow incompetence rue the day right.

After all most creditors were paid pittance, as so long as certain cronies can enjoy the perks right.

Anyone really cares we’re our Football is heading?

No one care really, it’s just about positions, power, glamour and more importantly back valences, not MFL’s but their own…..