M-League: If players can not compromise, clubs should just close shop

So the goverment has given something back to citizens to overcome the difficulty faced in daily life for many.

The handouts have been cheered and jeered by many, depending on which side of the political fence you are.

This clearly shows the lack of political maturity where decisions or efforts are just slammed cos they are from the supposedly dark side.

Anyway who cares about these politics, as we focus on sports.

Reading papers or watching daily news, the main focus has been the salary reduction of footballers, with contrasting updates each day.

Has anyone bothered to find out if Athletes from other sports are affected?

Yes most other Athletes receive allowances from the national sports council.

However the various national sports association do incur and beat the costs for additional allowances, rental of office space, salaries of staff and coaches and other related expenditure.

Effectively the Movement Control Order is a total of 28 days , almost a month.

Hence most get paid normal ad thru do each month, working from home ( love how some publicise by uploading photos on social media to justify they are actually working).

Since everyone loves to talk and write on Football, let’s now go back to Football,

The Professional Football Association of Malaysia are vocal, demanding that players receive full salaries as per their contract.

In normal circumstances this is justified.

But these are not normal circumstances.

The league had to be called off, firstly due to a concerned approach by FAM and MFL.

The decision to play behind closed doors was laudable, human lives were at stake.

Is PFAM putting a value cap on human lives by not compromising or advising players to think outside the box?

Yes money is important to everyone but the players too need to understand that if the clubs/teams fold, then what will they do?

When push comes to shove, the only other option left to the teams is to close shop!

And that under the present circumstances seems to be the only way out of this deadlock.

Asking MFL to help is surely out of ye question.

They are supposedly there to turn the league into a money making enterprise but all they have done is take up debts after debts.

Grand plans were on the cards to get sponsors, a common story every year, but in reality the kept flogging the sane horse, as TM has played saviour since the tobacco money went off in the 2000’s.

So enough that’s this charade, put a stop to this daily bargaining or threats in the media.

Take a pay cut, or just shit the teams down.

And at the same time shut MFL as well please.