M League: Jan 31 deadline but has Income Tax, EPF and Socso been settled?

It’s D day for the three teams in the M League.

Kelantan. PDRM and Melaka need to fulfil the conditions set by FAM on outstanding salaries.

Failing which they will lose 3 points, or so it’s claimed.

By the way the M League only commences on February 28.

Now there are pertinent questions to be asked on this deadline.

Who will certify that these teams have actually settled the outstanding wages?

If it’s the FAM or MFL, then expect an announcement that Melaka and PDRM have met the conditions and Kelantan have not.

Whether it’s true or not only God knows but that’s the announcement that is expected to be made.

Let’s throw a challenge to FAM and MFL.

In your announcement today, why not you also attach a letter of clearance from the three authorities to justify the meeting of. Inductions.


Income Tax


If these three bodies can give a clearance letter on not only the three teams but others as well, then we truly have a great season to look forward to.

But if there are dues to these agencies, then care explain why these teams pr others are issued with club licences?

Contributions or deductions to these three agencies are mandatory by the laws of the country.

So if it is proven that payments were not made, will those that issued the licences take responsibility and vacate their positions in MFL and FAM?

A common man is subject to the provisions to pay his taxes, contribute to EPF and Socso.

Care to tell us FAM snd MFL if these three and others have done their duties as required?

We all want a well run league, not plagued by news reports on unpaid wages.

Let’s clean up the act once and for all.

No cronyism please.