Making sense when others make more cents

Is it worth representing the country?

And hoping that it will one day help in your future undertakings?

The answer is a flat no as two former international Hockey players found out.

Let’s visit the sordid tales of Arrifin Ghani and Nishel Kumar, both who donned the National Hockey jersey.

Arrifin, from Melaka, was an officer in NSC for years, bypassed for the Deputy Directors position which was given to a person who did not even attend the interview process.

He was the Director of the Athletes Division at NSC when Malaysia achieved its best out in the 2010 Asian as well as Commonwealth Games.

But in 2015, he was moved out from that Division and moved to Management and then to the Events Division before taking up the offer to be loaned to the Melaka Sports Council in February 2019.

But a change in the Melaka Government saw his two year contract shortened and Arrifin is now back at NSC, ironically as the Head of Corporate and International Affairs, more like from the fridge yo the freezer, a Cold Storage position.

Then we have another former Hockey international Nishel Kumar, an individual that was both passionate and hardworking in our fight to eradicate doping in sports.

A quiet, unassuming character who only knew one thing, to get his job done, but in the end he got pusses around.

Nishel’s woeful tales started when Adamas was placed at the Youth and Sports Ministry and this truly is a sad tale of being bypassed not once but several tunes fir a promotion, and to put it bluntly, a case of discrimination.

Just what on earth is going on at the Youth & Sports Ministry, only God knows.

A supposedly independent body, set up to eradicate doping amongst sportsmen is used as a platform to promote certain officials

And in the process, competent , capable, knowledgable and experienced officers like Nishel are being culled, as greed took over.

The Anti Doping Agency or in short Adamas was set up both as an educational and enforcement arm to curb the rampant doping activities amongst those in the sports fraternity.

Initially placed under the National Sports Institute, the agency was then moved to the Sports Ministry with Dato Dr. Ramlan as it’s first Director.

Somehow the powers that be messed up routine admin work and Ramlan was deemed over qualified and went back to ISN, as a medical officer until he retired.

And an experienced Ramlan is now another one of the wasted experienced officers.

Ramlan was outspoken, calling a spade a spade, but not only was he good but damn good at his work.

But he was ignored, a one time Director of NSC and CEO of ISN who was promised a medical officer position after retirement but languishing at home when he is fit enough to be tasked with getting things right.

So what recourse is there for people like Arrifin , Nishel and Ramlan?

Nothing really as the trio despite good track records pay the price for politics in NSC, ISN, Adamas – the off springs of KBS.

Rightfully Ramlan could now be appointed as the numero uno this f Adamas and Nishel to ride short gun as they eradicate doping .

As for Arrifin, with legal background and a proven track record in athlete delivery at high performance levels, he ought to be put to better use, not where he is.

But the trio will have to learn to play politics and be in the right camp first.

However they opted not to, and paid the price.

But at least they are principled, a term hardly used to describe those sitting in positions in the three wings of KBS.

So to parents out there who children want to excel in sports, read them this horror story of sports does not pay and turn them into nerds who will never learn the phrase blood, sweat and tears.

For sports does not pay really.

Arrifin and Nishel are living examples of it.