Malaysian Football : Biar Papa Asal Bergaya

A league launched, with no title sponsor, no broadcast partner or any confirmed sponsors.

That’s the state of the Malaysian Football League, the so called crown jewel of sports in the country.

One thing remains consistent – having a launch, never mind the fact that no money secured yet.

Typical of how FAM operates – style is priority.

So the great Secretary General releases a statement saying that the three teams that have salary woes have until January 31 to settle dues or come to an agreement with those owed.

Failing which they will be docked 3 points before the league commenced.

And if the dues are not settled by February 28 another 6 points to be deducted.

And if the issue remains by March 31, the team will be thrown out of the competition.

Whoever came up with this plan has obviously not ran a Football club in his life.

Malaysia will be the laughing stock of world Football as our league will show -3 , -9 in our league standings.

Just look at the fixtures of PDRM and Melaka before we go further.

Feb 29

PDRM v Sabah

March 1

Uitm v Melaka

March 6

Melaka v PDRM

10 March


11 Match

Felda v Melaka

14 March

Melaka v Pahang

15 March

Uitm v PDRM

Each team. PDRM and Melaka would have played 4 matches each.

Assuming they lose all their matches, what points are you docking Stuart?

Are you giving them start up points before the league kicks off?

Is this some kind of fantasy Football that FAM and MFL cane up with that no one is aware?

Ok let’s now assume they win some matches but fail to meet the March 31 deadline.

They get thrown out and matches they were involved in scratched.

So teams that win against them will now not only lose points but also would have lost money in travelling for the matches.

Who is going to reimburse these teams? The double President or the Secretary General.

The regulations are crystal clear. An evaluation is done based on accounts of January to June 2019.

And if there are debts. They are given another 2 months ( August 31) to either settle dues or fail to get the club licence.

So why this extensions after extensions. Why are FAM bending backwards for these two teams?

Has it anything to do with an inside Job?

Teams owing money has been going on for years.

And it’s a known fact that one needs to be within a cartel to save themselves from legitimate action.

Oh yes. We are yet to discuss the broadcasting rights.

So if TM, through Unifi signs a broadcast deal, they have first pick of the matches they want to air.

And Secretary General says cable TV will buy some rights.

So who pays for production?

And what is this we hear that a deal is being cut with a cable TV to offset a sum of RM7 million which are debts incurred for 2028!

Teams. Remember you are entitled to 75 per cent of the broadcast rights.

So if Unifi pays 30 million, make sure you get 23.5 million to be shared.

And the question of that debt, well as Secretary General as it’s his former staff who handles marketing at MFL.

Let the party begin, the act one of 3 stooges gets under way.

A circus in the making for sure.