Malaysian Sports in actual fact is Road to No Where

So much attention if Malaysian Sports is focussed on the Tokyo Olympics.

It seems like it’s our be all, as if failure at the postponed edition is not an option.

Right from the start of the year, the attention has been on the Program, named Road to Tokyo or in abbreviation RTT.

Let’s be very blunt about this, the truth will hurt but so be it.

Firstly there was no innovation right after the Road to Rio failed to deliver the elusive gold medal.

Yes there was this highly acclaimed Podium Program initiated by the then Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

But as soon as the opportunity arose, well it was just four months after the new Sports Minister was appointed after the so called failure at the Asian Games 2018, that there was a complete overhaul in f the Podium Program.

There was nothing systematically wrong with the Podium Program.

It was purely greed and power that destroyed the entire set up and with that loads of staff were terminated, other countries benefitted from our foolishness.

It was money, in this case too much rather then too little that drive the self proclaimed big brother National Sports Council to swallow the little brother National Sports Institute.

In all major sporting powers, it is the Sports Institute that administers the High Performance, while the Sports Commission does mass sports and development.

But here we change the equation and no one cares, well at least KJ did.

Frankly we should just dissolve both NSC and NAI and form a Sports Commission.

So back to the core subject – the over focussing on the Olympics.

The piers that he might have forgotten or be led astray that there is the 2021 SEA Games just over a year ahead.

And in 24 off months we will be facing the 2022 Commonwealth and Asian Games.

Where is the planning for both these games?

Who decides which sports or athletes that we will focus on to so call overcome the debacle of the 2018 editions that butchered the Podium Program so much that it became one of our shortest but well thought of high performance programs after Jaya 98.

The National Sports Associations have no say what so ever, they are circumvent to the NSC who are the experts of sports, never mind that most NSA’s have officials that know the sport for decades.

It’s the money, and in this case the lack of it that is causing the problems.

Empower the NSA’s and let’s see if they can deliver.

Let us not repeat the mistake of the Manila SEA Games where we under delivered the targetted gold medals.

But did anyone pay the price for it, did heads roll, was anyone held accountable?

The sham of a post mortem was conducted since January by the very same people who selected the athletes, with exception of two senior stalwarts Dato Wira Mazlan Ahmad and Dato Sieh Kok Chi.

Where are the funds? Not that we care as the blame will shift as usual to the underperforming but over targeting NSA’s, as usual.

Why not you give them the money, let them put up the plans, and if they fail, then all you got to do is sing the same old tune you have been singing since Rio.

So backward are we that we cannot even be innovative in giving a new name to a program.

It has been Rood to Athens ( 2904, Road to Beijing ( 2007), Road to London ( 2012) and Read to Rio ( 2016).

Honestly our sports should be named Road to No Where for all its worth.