Manila lists 30 sports for 2019, Malaysia lose out as many sports omitted

The 2019 SEA Games will see the exclusion of several sports that Malaysia excel is likely to be dropped.

In the initial list presented at the SEA Games Federation meeting in Manila, a total of 30 sports were proposed by hosts Philippines and the member countries were allowed to submit appeals for certain sports to be included.

Badminton was amongst the sport that was to be excluded but after strong appeals from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, it was reinstated.

The main grouse by the hosts was the lack of support from countries to provide coaching and technical support for certain sports as well as the high scores registered in the last SEA Games which led to the decision to omit certain sports.

And frankly Malaysia, in their quest to reign supreme in KL 2017 contributed to the dropping of these sports as in some sports we “ bullied” the opponents on the playing arena

The sports that have been omitted d are Table Tennis, Tennis, Pencak Silat, Hockey, Rugby 7s and Petanque

As for cycling, only the road races will be held as there is no provision for track Cycling.

Several sports from the 2017 games that were included by Malaysia such as Cricket, Netball, Lawn Bowls, the two winter sports and Water Ski have also been left out from the initial list .

However the host may include Canoe or Rowing and are keeping that option open.

Five new sports not contested in KL 2017 have been added and they are Wrestling, Dance Sport, Arnis, Baseball as well as


Philippines had confirmed 30 sports and asked the members to appeal for the balance which can be from 6 (same as Singapore) to 8 or 10 for consideration.

Ultimately Malaysia is paying the price for its overzealous approach for the 2017 Games and cannot complain as they initiated the win at all cost mentality by dropping many sports which other countries were strong at.

Hence we just have to accept the decision .