Manila SEA Games – 45 golds gone with the stroke of the pen

While the political scenario has a group of imminent personalities charting the fortunes of the country, this blog decided to seek the views of three key personalities of Malaysian Sports to share their views on the omission of several sports from the initial list of sports approved by the SEA Games Federation in Manila.

With the omission of several sports, the number of medals Malaysia stands to loss out is a staggering 45, assuming all these sports are not reinstated.

The SEAGF has given until June 13 for appeals to be made for the inclusion of sports but there is no assurance their appeals will be successful.

With newer sports like E- Sports likely to be included as well, many traditional sports will need to find ways to convince their organisers or join forces with other countries for the inclusion of their sport.

Below is the list that have been omitted and the number of gold medals they won in the KL 2017 Games.

Cricket – 1, Netball – 1, Lawn Bowls – 7, Water Ski – 4, Table Tennis -0, Tennis – 0, Pencak Silat,- 10, Hockey – 3,, Rugby 7s – 1, Petanque – 2, Cycling ( Track) – 11,, Figure Skating – 1

Short Speed Skating – 4, Ice Hockey – 0

So that works out to be a total of 45 gold medals and we are yet to ascertain the number of disciplines that will be left out, a decision likely to be made at the end of the year.

Now the onus will be on the National Sports Associations to use their networking amongst the SEA countries to get their sports into the games.

What they said ;

Dato Azim Zabidi, Deputy President OCM and Chairman National Sports Institute

Obviously I am very disappointed about the omission of sports but I believe we have till mid June to appeal. Cycling should be included as it’s an Olympic Sport. We need t be focussed on which sport we have to push hard for since I doubt we can get every sport that has been dropped. Perhaps relationship with other NOCs where they can push different sports than what we are pushing. But ones favouring us such s Pencak Silat (Indon can push here) , Petanque (Myanmar to play a role) can be worked in together. We can then focus on Cycling and Hockey.

Dato Wira Mazlan Ahmad

Former Director National Sports Council

What do you expect? We became one of them when we hosted the KL 2017 SEA Games as we included sports or events our Athletes could win gold and omitted sports and events that our athletes were weak in. One point was the omission of a large number of sports for women. We used to criticise other countries for including sports that were alien to us but when our turn cane we did the same thing. We have no reason to raise a fuss as we could and should have done it better in 2016 but in the end we jumped on the bandwagon and became one of them. So why should we complain now as we did not do things right when given the opportunity.

Dato Sieh Kok Chi, Former General Secretary Olympic Council of Malaysia

I’am sure some of the above sports, such as Pencak Silat will be in the 2019 SEA Games but I’m equally sure Malaysians will not win 10 gold medals in this sport. Since there are over 60 sports to pick from and no host is prepared to host all 60 sports, some sports will have to be left out. There is a strong move to include e-sport, then if so, one of the existing sports will have to make way for e-sport. Every host did the same in every past SEA Games for certain we did it So what is new?