MCO, CMCO ; Let the teams train, stop fining easy way out

Why the double standards in allowing sports to go back into training mode?

How is it that a certain number of athletes under the purview of the National Sports Council be allowed to train while other sports which are considered bread and butter of athletes be prevented?

Football teams preparing fir the M-League due to start on February 28 have been yanked off the pitch by the MCO and CMCO conditions thus putting into question the start date of the M-League.

With the first phase of MCO plus CMCO to end on January 26, everything indicates that it is expected to be extended by another two weeks at the very least.

So we are looking at another two weeks, meaning at the very least until 10 February.

With Chinese New Year around the corner we are looking at February 17 as a review date in MCO and CMCO.

Meaning coaches will have only 10 days to prepare teams for the M-League kick off.

An impossible task given the fact that one n Ed’s between 6-8 weeks to prepare a team for competition.

NSC trains athletes for a year long term we fail miserably at international level, hence that alone speaks volumes in their ability to bring sports to a new level.

Rightfully MFL the administrators at f the M-League should be proactive rather then await instructions or input from NSX the self proclaimed master of sport.

Well they , the NSC practices double standards in their so called quarantined bases camp which was never their idea in the first place.

How is it that certain coaches were allowed to go home in the quarantined based training? Was NSC honest about it?

Back to MFL, it’s time to come out with your own standard operating procedures with regards to quarantined based training for teams in the M-League.

Set a time frame, say from February 1 to February 14.

All players and officials to undergo a swab test 2 days prior, in this case January 30.

Check into designated hotels which are termed to be quarantined based hotels and identify training grounds for these teams.

These facilities must be sanitised before January 30 so the teams can move in on January 31.

Only those who are negative from the tests will be allowed to check in and start training in February 1.

So contact training will be allowed and friendly matches between teams that adhere to this SOP will be allowed.

Since no interstate travel is permitted, perhaps it’s best teams opt for a cluster village kind of accommodation, where a few teams opt to campy in one city.

Having undergone the testing, the teams could be transported under security to the respective designated hotels.

MFL should play a role in planning and coordinating all of this, and that not a tough ask.

Prepare something along these lines, Sumit it to the Youth and Sports Minister and let’s see if the National Security Council will in the famous words of DS Reezal Merican do the buy in.

Football must be looked as an industry, it must be treated correctly.

We are talking about professionals who know breaches can affect their living and affect their loved ones badly.

All avenues need to be exhausted before th in king of putting off the M-League again.

And in order to do that we do not need pen pushers who sit at home and make policy decisions.

Start thinking and kot wait for end of the month for your salaries, as Football needs to set the benchmark for other Sports.

Waiting for NSC and KBS means still pondering in the chicken and egg issue, who came first.