MFL Board Member or Salaried Staff?

Board members have to responsible towards the company or body they lead or are appointed to.

They have to portray a good image by being honest, above board and display roper governance.

And being emotional surely is not one of it.

After all that is the sole reason why they are put into those leadership positions, where integrity is not only paramount but it’s the only thing that differentiate them from the man on the street.

Have they not heard the phrase – heavy is the head that wears the crown!

So now let’s get to the crux of the matter.

A board member of MFL who it seems is also on the payroll of MFL is upset with a staff running the AFL, Amateur Football League, basically the M3 and M4 Competitions.


Simply because the staff knows regulations much better then this particular Board Member and refused to adhere to instructions that were not correct.

Upholding regulations is vital for the success of any organisation.

Admitting a team that has not met the qualification criteria is a big no no, but this Board Member, whose son is ironically also a staff at MFL, insist that things to be done his way.

Ironically this MFL Board Member wanted to allocate RM6 million towards providing subsidies to the M3 and M4 teams.

Could we know what’s his value towards MFL in terms of securing sponsorship ?

Or is he there just to collect his allowances, monthly salary?

So in order to make MFL lean and mean, and to live up to good governance, the MFL President needs to crack the whip and be transparent.

It does not matter if this person is a good friend of the MFL and FAM President or long serving in the Football scene.

Staff should not feel the brunt for doing their jobs correctly.

And by earning a salary, that Board Member is bound by office regulations as well.

The staff who uphold rules and regulations in the spirit of fair play should instead be commended and held in high esteem.

To the staff of AFL, carry on doing your jobs with a high degree of integrity and truthfulness in accordance with the traits of your respective religious beliefs.

And Dear President, who I sat and had tea with yesterday morning, this is the time for you to show that regulations matter.

Hamidin wants to do good for Football but when those surrounding him are bad apples, it’s time for him to be ruthless.

As Hamidin works towards securing more money for Football, it’s like pouring water into the ocean with such characters.

Perhaps it’s time for a team building exercise for MFL like what FAM is doing at the nice cool Genting Highlands this weekend.

But to save costs, can I invite them to Tampin instead, equally cooking and cheaper by far.

And to those who thought I was selling out, when I had breakfast with Hamidin think again.

We have mutual respect for each other, I value his friendship and he values my right to opinions.

It’s only those who surround him that tend to create the rift time and again. Obviously driven by fear they will be irrelevant to the cause.

As is this Board Member who ought to do the right thing – vacate his position as Board Member or stop taking home the paycheck.

It’s the interest of sport that matters to me, not my bank balance like some who think MFL is a family heirloom.