MFL//FAM – Sinking Ships That Leak All Over

Every year before the new season of Malaysian Football gets underway, we are treated to a re-run show.

First to appear as usual is the non payment of salaries to players.

Yes punishment is meted out, but only to weaker clubs who are more amongst the crony list.

As soon as the league gets underway , we are dished with another script – the “ resting of coaches” as the team fails to perform.

But the players were signed up before the coaches by administrators who have two right feet and the only thing they should kick is their own busts.

Next we have the transfer window where foreign players are changed at the whims and fancies of management and not coaches.

And now the highlight of the Malaysian Football Story…

They suddenly cry wolf, they lack money for the next season.

The so called privatised body MFL publicly cries that they have problems enticing sponsors or that existing sports flew the coop.

Why is this happening?

A simple explanation – wrong people are appointed to the positions that can make a difference.

We do not find fixtures being amended in the La Liga in a manner MFL does.

This simply means the entire competitions department is incapable after 5 years to plan a proper league structure.

But they keep their jobs . Why?

As they are masters of the ball carrying game.

Next the marketing and commercial teams, .

Not being able to secure sponsors or main them is totally unacceptable and this department should have been closed and outsourced.

But nope, the only department that saves money, the Production , are branded as expensive and one board members sells the idea of outsourcing the production rather then work on its strengths.

So what should a company in dire straights with some RM48 millions in debt do?

Any management book will advise to start cutting down on operating costs.

A sham of an advice as both FAM and MFL are still hiring, be it family members or cronies.

If the MFL and FAM President has any accountability, kindly make public the total payout of salaries and the number of staff employed.

I have often told it used to be 48 to 60 staff earlier this season but after the so called cut down the figure is 52 at last count at MFL.

In total MFL and FAM have some 120 staff compared to the days of other administrators where it was 32 to 45 running all affairs.

Not a snake cent from the government should be allocated for FAM:MFL if things like reducing cost of employment is not done, as simple as that.

An independent study by a third party like Zubedy ought to be undertaken to cut the overloading.

All this extra baggage that the President carries in the guise of the Presidents Office should be shut down.

A no hiring policy should be in place while the last in first our approach be put in place.

And all those in the MFL Board sign a disclaimer on conflict of interest and declare asserts.

Ada berani kah double President?