MFL: Ghani needs to be lean and mean

There were many stories being cooked up prior to the meeting of the MFL Board last Wednesday.

Some were from speculators while a few from within the circle as to say, from some self proclaimed trusted protégés of select individuals.

And one of the spin stories was the appointment of a chief executive officer of NFL.

Speculation was rife that a certain preferred candidate of these kingmakers was certain to be the chosen one.

But as usual Dato Hamidin Amin kept his cards close to his chest .

And it was Dato Ghani Hassan that was given the mandate, from an acting to a permanent role.

Frankly that was the best decision Hamidin has made since assuming the President position of MFL last September.

The frail youngster from Rantau, NS has come a long long way to now sit in a position of charting our Football League fortunes.

It’s by no means an easy feat, for the trials and tribulations , plus those with ill intentions are plenty.

Ghani used to take a 20 Sen bus ride from his village in Rantau towards Seremban in pursuit of his dream Of playing Football.

He worked hard on the pitch to go and represent his home state, playing in the top tier.

He made in mark in the political field as well as business and made some sacrifices along the way that would have astounded many.

Ghani made way for his brother, Mohamad Hassan in Rantau, and that has paved the way today for Tok Mat to be the number 2 in UMNO.

An astute but low profiled businessman, Ghani has the acumen to turn MFL around.

But in order to deliver, he needs to be given a free hand, not curtailed by those with vested interests be it in the MFL Board of FAM Exco.

Ghani needs to tighten the finances of MFL, to stamps out the “ Jho Low” kind of lavish spendings that it’s was known for.

Lean and mean is the way to go in running this outfit.

The days of four day working week should go and punctuality must be established.

Staff need to pull up their socks and be given three month and year long KPI to achieve.

Failure to do so can only mean one thing – the door.

Ghani should not look at things like the “ connections “ of the staff, some related to various top guns, some “ keeps” of some , while many that feel they are there as they are irreplaceable.

Enough of this cartel empire mentality at MCL.

The nerve centre of MFL is its Competition Unit and this has to be given a serious turn around.

Their work is Roy time, year in and year out, yet trust then to mess up always.

This is as a result of sheer incompetence or a total lack of respect towards their responsibilities.

Head of Competitions Shazali should go back and reflect on his days at FAM and the sessions at “ the stor” of Wisma FAM.

This chap showed plenty of potential then, a hunger to excel, a desire to succeed, and that was why I had faith in him to be the National U20 Administrator, with stints at Carrington, Slovakia , Brazil, despite he being a staff at competition unit.

He had the desire but somehow his elevation into a more lucrative position has now made him a totally different individual.

Shazali is vital towards Ghani and is a key personal towards plans Ghani might have to turn MFL around, but he is not indispensable.

And that is what should be drilled into everyone at MFL,

Many have direct links to Hamidin, so called THT presidents men, but both Ghani and Hamidin need to be professional in handling these Prima donnas.

Deliver what is expected of walk the plank, simple.

Ghani is a perfect epitome of setting examples in terms of sacrifices, a vital ingredient in turning around MFL.

He had taken in that challenge and needs to be supported.

And more importantly Ghani needs to weed out stones and gems from his organisation.

So go strut your stuff Ghani, be a stooge to no one, not even those from the 4th floor who dictate things more then the south.

And when you can, join me on a memory ride of the bus from Rantau to Seremban.

Pity though our station Padang is now a huge shopping complex that’s hardly surviving.