MFL; More questions then answers

As the M League 2020 season is just round the corner, there have been many stories going around .

While the Malaysian Football League has been non committal on the actual dates of the M- League, the talks in the corridor seems to imply that it will only start in late February.

Which if true will put some teams in dire straits as they would have signed contracts on December 1, meaning they need to carry their overheads for three months.

And that could well spell a financial disaster for the smaller teams, since no payment of the second part of the 2019 grant is anywhere to be seen.

And with no title sponsor in sight, though it’s said Telekom Malaysia put a deal of RM30 million on the table but now rumours are the amount is reduced.

So in actual fact the dual President of FAM and MFL has a major headache.

First and foremost the repayment of the RM18 million loan, a publicly stated amount through a MFL press release, plus the 2019 outstanding grant.

Hamidin also needs to brief the MFL stakeholders on the 2020 league and financially what’s on the cards for teams.

But one document sighted is a circular to all teams that they need to be debt free ( in other words no outstanding salaries or statutory contributions like Socso, EPF and Income Tax).

And those in arrears have to make sure all this is fully settled.

Now here is the interesting part.

What if teams go not pay up?

Publicly it’s been acknowledged that Melaka, PDRM and Kelantan have issues within these areas of concern.

Now the first question – was the FAM Club Licensing System transparent and above board?

It is was conducted within the confines of the in place regulations, some teams have no business being in the M League.

And getting these errant clubs to sign the “ Aku Janji” is worthless as it’s a mere piece of paper and not legally binding.

FAM has the clout to make sure that teams adhere to regulations and this is where MFL needs to be given more clout.

Having FAM decide on eligibility is like putting a fix in a chicken coop.

For the states dictates who gets positions in FAM and since they hold the vote bank, they seem to hold the ace.

Another interesting discussion going on is on Sarawak FA trying to stay in the Premier League.

Having lost the play off to Kuching FA, they are destined for the M3 league

There is now talks of a possible merger of a kind between Sarawak FA and Selangor United.

Selangor United need yo raise money to participate and with the Selangor government deciding that Red Giants FC will run the Selangor team for the Super League and have turned PKNS into a feeder club, Sgor United have been left in the cold.

So will we get some answers on the start dates of the 2020 season, the issue of teams that do not meet the December 15 clearance deadline and the payment of the outstanding grant?

You have been awfully quiet double President!