MFL needs to make public its liabilities

Just how much is the liabilities of the Malaysian Football League?

A press release by the body set up to manage the league was thought provoking.

And for those who might have missed the all important para or it went unreported in the main stream media,allow me to reproduce that thought provoking statement.

“ Dalam masa yang sama, MFL turut tidak mahu terlepas peluang untuk merakamkan setinggi-tinggi junjung kasih kepada DYMM Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar di atas keprihatinan baginda yang sentiasa memberikan sokongan, khidmat nasihat serta juga bantuan kewangan kepada MFL di saat ia amat diperlukan.

DYMM Sultan Ibrahim juga secara peribadi telah perkenan menghulurkan bantuan kewangan puluhan juta Ringgit yang disalurkan kepada MFL tanpa mengenakan apa-apa faedah.”

We only have to assume the figure as it is not stated in the press release but from looking at the overall scenario, it runs into millions of ringgit.

Each team was promised RM3 million in the Super League and RM1 million for those in the Premier Leagues.

That works out to be RM47 million.

Taking into account the organising aspects and other expenditure, MFL will in all probability be spending close to RM10 million as they also have their in-house broadcasting.

Next is the over heads in running MFL. With a reported staff strength of around 50 individuals, some enjoying salaries that are five figures, the average wage bill monthly could be anything between RM300k to RM400k monthly, making a figure of RM5 million annually

So operating expenditure of MFL per year should be around RM60-65 million.

With no accounts being made public, we have to assume these figures as MFL are or have never revealed the figures for public scrutiny.

Yes we are all thankful to the Johor Royal Family for helping Football which is facing an acute shortage of funding.

But that’s not the point I am trying to make.

I have several questions that I hope the current administration of MFL will care to answer in the name of transparency.

1. What is the progress of the law suit against Telekom Malaysia who MFL had claimed had terminated the sponsorship worth RM480 million?

2. Why did the MFL CEO countless tines since March made public statements on payments of subsidies to teams but never honoured the deadlines?

3. Why was there a breach of promise to make the two part subsidy payment in July and August but the second half is now going to be paid in November?

4. In the past year, why has there not been one significant signing of new sponsors?

5. What is the cost cutting mechanism employed by MFL to reduce its expenditure? Is hiring more staff a good idea?

6. How is it that the rates of allowances paid to those managing ticket sales and gates increased from what was practiced by FAM over years?

7. Why was there a need to hire an event management company for the FA Cup Final and was this fine through a negotiated or open tender process?

MFL has time and again shown scant respect for religion as they have scheduled October 26 as the second leg semis of the Malaysia Cup? Has Kevin or Stuart Ramalingam forgotten that October 27 os Deepavali?

It is also learnt that the newly elected MFL Chairman Dato Hamidin Mohd Amin has met up with the Telekom CEO to resolve the impasse of the terminated sponsorship. He was told to withdraw the law suit before any discussions could proceed.

Now if the CEO cannot provide plausible explanations for the questions raised, the best is for him to vacate his position.

And Hamidin has to turn MFL into a lean and mean outfit and in order to do that heads must roll in order to give MFL the credibility it deserves.

Enough of empty promises, show those who have failed the door or forever we will be doomed.