MFL: Put an end to conflict of interest

It’s time the Malaysian FootballLeague stop the “ rojak” culture that is being practiced.

No this is not about the administration of the M-League but rather the gross interference by MFL Board Members in the daily administration of the staff entrusted to administer the company itself.

When MFL President Dato Wira Hamidin Mohd Amin appointed certain members as the heads to look into certain divisions, it was with an intention to guide and not micro manage these departments

But this was construed differently and certain, not all, have run loose, thinking that it’s within their right to do so.

The Chief Executive Officer Dato Ghani Hassan is hapless as hierarchy wise these Board members are if Sumi Luar standing as him as sine also sit on the FAM Executive Committee.

When an individual is out charge of media so as to say, he must only look into media matters Abd not stick his fingers in general administration or other area such as marketing and broadcasting.

This is nit only an abuse of power but tantamount to conflict of interest.

And suddenly marketing seems to be the most sought after thing within the MFL Board members.

It must be stated here that so far it’s initiatives by Hamidin and Ghani that have secured most if not all the sponsors for M-League.

And the duo must emphasise that no commission whatsoever will be paid to any individual on the Board or FAM Exco for sponsorship secured.

Another aspect that FAM and NFL needs to look at is to refrain from appointing those with conflicts of interest.

Meaning any individual that also has interest in matters that are in direct conflict with business they run or potentially run.

By this way the issue of having a conflict could be avoided lest MFL or FAM stand accused of practicing cronyism.

Not only must MFL be seen clean but they must also practice being clean,

Staff are appointed for their expertise in carrying out tasks they are good at.

If ABY member of the MFL Board feels that he/she can do a better job, then quit your position and be a staff.

And if another feels slighted by my comment, then remember you cannot have the cake and eat it.

Both Hamidin and Ghani needs to emphasise of the conflict of interest and usurping the powers of the staff matter at the MFL Board meeting this Wednesday.

With RTM coming on board there was a clamour of seeking credit fir the deal, but lest one forgets that this deal was on the cards since February until someone screwed it up.

And Hamidin was already touching base with the then Information Minister Gobind Singh Deo bit the government changed.

So let’s only have those who serve for interest of sports running sports in MFL and not those with conflict.

Choose either business or a position, not both.