MFL to downsize, shift to Kelana Jaya?

Word has it that the Malaysian Football League is downsizing.

Not only are the Football league body moving out from their state of the art office, but they will also be on a staff reduction exercise.

And all this is done because of one thing – they have ran out of money.

Poor marketing, lack of a drive to better manage affairs and hiring staff with high salaries was attributed as one if the main reasons for this to happen.

But obviously the mantra being bandied it will be promoted is that MFL is looking at the overall economy and reducing operating costs.

From a body that once boasted that the M- League was worth RM200 million, it looks like they have fell with a loud thud.

Well placed sources from within FAM and MFL have all said the sane thing – that the MFL office will move back to Kelana Jaya.

And with Wisma FAM already at its brim with 92 staff, the relocated MFL will occupy the office space at the Futsal Complex adjacent to FAM.

MFL currently are said to have between 40-46 staff and one source said that the number will be reduced.

More details could be known after the MFL Heads of Department Meeting on Wednesday.