MFL/FAM: Teams need to step up precautions

Playing in an empty stadiums is the final option for teams in the M-League in wake of the rapid spread of Corona Virus.

And in order to safeguard fans, officials and players, the home teams are strongly urged to take precautionary measures to curb the transmission of the virus

In making this plea, FAM and MFL President Dato Hamidin Mohd Amin said that the teams needed to implement measures to safeguard the public.

“ One such measures they could undertake is to check body temperatures of those entering the stadiums,” said Hamidin who was alarmed at the rate the second wave was affecting the public.

“ This can be done by installing scanners such as done at the airports or usage of hand held scanners which are not too expensive.

“ The teams should consult the respective health authorities within their proximity to see how best to handle this matter.

“ As a matter of fact teams and stadium authorities should also provide sanitisers at key locations for the public to utilise.”

Hamidin said that the tight schedule made it difficult for MFL to postpone matches.

“ Trust me, we are as concerned as are the authorities on this matter,” added Hamidin.

“ I am advising all match officials as well as staff of MFL and FAM to adopt precautions and help out the teams in this matter.

“ If the situation warrants it, playing in empty stadiums will be an option we will enforce.”

Hamidin added that with all Super League matches being beamed on Unifi TV, the fans could still catch the matches while sitting at home.

“ We would love to air more matches but we need the money to do so,” said Hamidin.

“ This is where sponsors or government linked companies could help us and the public by stepping forward and assist us to air more matches.

“ However I appeal to all teams to start implement precautionary measures so as to give confidence to fans to attend matches.”