MHC: The Unholy Alliance Revealed

One look at the seven names proposed by Selangor HA will tell you that a pack has been formed.

Forget the top three positions but any hosiery passionate lovers heart will only bleed seeing the names proposed.

Let’s ask some simple questions in order to evaluate the seven potential candidates listed for Vice President,

1. Not even one incumbent is on the list.

2. Just what level Hockey has any game f them played? Any ex internationals amongst them!

3. Do any of them have technical or coaching knowledge on the sport of Hockey?

4. Has anyone of them managed a club team to the top tier of Hockey in the country?

5. What Development have they done in their respective states towards national agenda?

6. Some are from states that fail to participate in the national tournaments.

7. Of the seven states from where officials are nominated, not one fields a team in the MHL. ( clubs from institutions of higher learning exempt).

And for these candidates, I pose the following questions:

1. What is your plan for the betterment of Malaysian Hockey?

2. What is ailing in our Hockey fraternity and how to rectify it?

3. What kind of marketing and development programs will be in place if elected?

Frankly I am inviting all the seven candidates to a Town Hall session to share their vision and mission towards Hockey in this country.

I am prepared to debate with them collectively and let the audience decide if they indeed are the right candidates to chart our Hockey fortunes.

For those who May have missed this fact, the seven are from Penang, Kedah, Selangor, Pahang, Melaka, Savah and Sarawak.

That’s already 14 votes in the bag, one needs just 17 to be assured of a position.

So expect then expected – that each of these states will nominate the same set of officials.

You scratch my back, I scratch yours, who cares what happens to hockey!

By the way, any of you held a stick before?